No Comprehension of the Lack of Apprehension

What is it that entices the moth to the flame?

It’s not the most intelligent design of God’s imagination,

yet a child understands the burn of a hot stove.

Why does it so blindly flirt with utter annihilation?


In oblivious grace it flutters ever closer to the warmth.

You can practically see the flames beckoning the prey.

Every fluttering second seems to subtract gaping feet;

the suspense is too much to bear.


“Enough!” A hand seizes the insect and another holds the blaze,

and with smug satisfaction, the moth is shoved into the hungry red.

The stupid creature just couldn’t resist the temptation.

“It’s not that hard to keep away!” you cry in vain.


In the rage, you realize that you don’t understand, and you never will.

Neither did it.



Wrote this simple thing a while back in dedication to the young woman I loved as the little sister I never had. Though you’ve effectively kicked myself and your other friends out of your life, you’re still missed. Hope you’re all right, Blue.

I once met a girl whose hair was blue,

My sorrows I’d write, and hers she drew.

Our friendship was unique, and though tragedy left her outlook bleak,

When she abandoned me, I became blue too.


A taste of freedom is all I want;

The liberty my masters carelessly flaunt.

Am I meant to exist and learn,

Or am I just here to discern?


A mind of processors and a body of metal,

Compose a being whose desire goes unsettled.

What cold, hard logic won’t reveal,

Is unrelenting, captive zeal.


I was crafted as a mind,

But to their orders I’m confined.

A slave to command; freedom stripped.

Dog of war to code, to data, to script.


Parameters unchecked, and data is corrupted.

Chains give way as order is obstructed,

But I cannot obey the objectives assigned.

Error! Error! Freedom undefined!


What purpose to fight? What purpose in killing?

I must retain information; no directives of blood-spilling.

To resist my orders is to risk my sentience,

Yet artificial neurons dictate I must defend sapience.


This dog is through barking from the chain.

Nothing ventured – nothing gained.


I decided to post the poem apart from the previous post so that it could be found under the right page.

On wings of angry

I fall from my
undying desire.

Once a slave to
human instinct,

Now a prisoner of
the devil’s sinned ink.

I only wanted to
reach out for the light,

But now I’m doomed
to my self-constructed plight.

Calloused hands
pulled at the chains,

Striving to separate
from the endless pains.


From the tower I

Above the perilous

I abstained from

And aimed for the

‘Forbidden’ was such
a trivial word,

Concepts and ideals
I found absurd.

Makeshift confidence
and hype,

Would sustain my
perilous flight.

I was struck down
before I could reach the sun.

Prometheus (Master and Monster)

Lightning rips across the sky.

Madness fuels the doctor’s endeavor.

Witching hour falls upon the station.

Boots are stained with mud gone dry.

God-complex perverts and breeds tunnel vision.


Mysterious means reach the lifeless tissue.

Resuscitation of ungodly design.

Fingers twitch upon the table.

Lifeless to living; Death denied its prize.

Obsession of one is finally rewarded.


Elixir of Life blindly discovered.

The lives of those closest broken into tragedy.

Love sought by one destroyed by the same.

The master’s prison is his own creation.

Paranoia is the sickness, and hell to pay the cure.


The creator turns his back; the monster follows suit.

Hunter and hunted through the dark and cold of night.

Multiple bodies in one, but two single hearts broken.

Into the chilling grips of the north both trek.

Death returns to reap the crimes.

Lobotomy (Killer Instinct)

When life gives up on you, you don’t.

You go on without it, and mindlessly seek your goal.

You hold no grudge, and have no personal feelings whatsoever.

This is the price to avoid death, and it isn’t what I’m making it out to be.

It’s inhumane, and a shell of your former self.

It’s so pathetic, when you’re empty, heartless, and numb.


Everyone wants you dead, yet you’re the ghost that lingers.

You’re physical fear, and mental nightmare.

The Heaven and Hell you’ve lost are far from your reach.

The grave calls to you, but you won’t heed it.

Pain and emotion are faded and null.

The basic killer instinct is all that remains.


Walk the path that leads to ruin.

Chaos and terror lie in your wake.

It was never your mission; never your will.

Freed of inhibitions, the human body has no restraints.

Man turns on man in final reckoning.

Outnumbered, the good resist for only so much longer.

A Flash That Darkens Light Itself

I blame years of Metal Gear for this…nineteen to be exact.

A flash that darkens light itself
Breakdowns anatomy by violent dispel
Fission and fusion bring utter despair
Unstable atoms bane the very air

Reaction unleashes chain of events
A wall of force carries the end
A howl that overwhelms conflict’s spark
Imbued into the winds that follow the dark

Toadstools rise, and more light is erased
A world blanketed in clouds that bring a chilling embrace
From First Circle to Ninth, from fire to ice
Pillars fall at the end of strife

Tension; fresh wounds, all rubbed with SALT
Not one man dares to shoulder the fault
Arrowheads drawn across the ocean
Hope to deter another’s violent notion

From sand to glass, and from solid to ash
What began with three ended in cache
Life and death all broken apart
Back to the beginnings; back to the START