“Second Fall” in Paperback, and More.

My first book is finally available in paperback on Amazon in addition to the eBook format. I took forever on that, huh? You can find it at the link here.

“World to Come,” the second book of the trilogy, will be available next month, so I’ll be sure to make a post about that as the time draws near. For now, enjoy, and if you like the first, spread the word!


Not Dead

It’s been forever since I’ve posted an update of any kind. Fortunately, I’m not here to make excuses, and can proudly say that the sequel to¬†Second Fall is well under way.Judging by the word count of the first draft alone so far, it’s going to be longer (whoops), and hopefully much more polished than the first in terms of research. It’s all fun for me, so I can’t complain one bit. I look forward to entertaining all who like what I write, and to the rest…well we all have opinions, don’t we? It’s a lot of work to research military and government structures in other countries, let alone keeping track of other stories I’m pulling in, but I’m happy with it all so far. Rest assured, it’s coming.

This week…

has been awesome. I released my first book (Second Fall, on Amazon), and I’m currently in Austin Texas on vacation, for RTX! Winding down for the first day, but it’s been freaking awesome to say the least. Still working on writing between panels, and there’s a long drive back. In the meantime, check out my book and the free short stories if you like an expanded universe. You don’t have to read the collections to get the book. I’ll be enjoying this view in the meantime while I work on something.


Book One is out now!

The day has finally come that I can proudly announce I’ve published my first book. It’s available on Amazon right now for Kindle devices and apps. Read and enjoy!


News and an Overture

I’ll be busy with school for the next few weeks seeing as though I have only a month left this semester, but I’ll be working on some projects in my spare time. Notably, I have a new short story series in the works that will cover five characters as they are drawn into something that will change their lives and the world they live in forever. I’m really excited about it, because I want it to serve as the prelude into the book I’ve worked on. I’d appreciate any and all support, and look forward to writing more in the future. For now, I leave you with a poem that I think is fitting for the upcoming chronicles.


On wings of angry

I fall from my
undying desire.

Once a slave to
human instinct,

Now a prisoner of
the devil’s sinned ink.

I only wanted to
reach out for the light,

But now I’m doomed
to my self-constructed plight.

Calloused hands
pulled at the chains,

Striving to separate
from the endless pains.


From the tower I

Above the perilous

I abstained from

And aimed for the

‘Forbidden’ was such
a trivial word,

Concepts and ideals
I found absurd.

Makeshift confidence
and hype,

Would sustain my
perilous flight.


I was struck down
before I could reach the sun.

Update: Finale and a New Series

I’ll have the finale of Tiamat Unbound up tomorrow night at the latest. It’s going to be very serious compared to the rest of the series, but I hope it’s a good conclusion to the drama. I hope my stories have been good reads to you all, and look forward to entertaining with them and more in the future. I’m actually in the process of working on a new series of five stories that will lead into…a bigger project that I’m almost done with. Long story short, I have a book I’m sitting on that I’m waiting to finally reveal. Thanks for the support, and I look forward to continuing with this in the future.