“Second Fall” in Paperback, and More.

My first book is finally available in paperback on Amazon in addition to the eBook format. I took forever on that, huh? You can find it at the link here.

“World to Come,” the second book of the trilogy, will be available next month, so I’ll be sure to make a post about that as the time draws near. For now, enjoy, and if you like the first, spread the word!


Book One is out now!

The day has finally come that I can proudly announce I’ve published my first book. It’s available on Amazon right now for Kindle devices and apps. Read and enjoy!


“Overture of The Fall” in ebook Format

I’ve posted my second collection of short stories on a separate page in ebook format for my readers to enjoy on the go. There’s even a bonus in the compilation, so enjoy! Overture of The Fall sets up for my book that will be available soon, so if you enjoy the stories, keep an eye out for news on its release as well. I’ll keep the site updated with news on the book as the time draws close, so the second it’s available, I’ll make it known. If you’ve enjoyed my stories so far, please share them with others who enjoy action and suspense. I look forward to providing more entertainment in the future, and thanks for reading!


eBook Format for “Tiamat Unbound”

I’ll be busy with school for the next week, but that’s not to say I won’t get other things done. In the meantime, I’ve madeĀ Tiamat Unbound available in eBook format, so if you want it all in one place, download, read, share, and enjoy. I’m underway with the new series of short stories, but it’ll be about a week before I can promise anything new up. Of course, I can always throw in a surprise somewhere between…